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"Kids Without Christmas 2010
Become a P.A.R.T. of the Purple Ark Relief Team

We need the help of the community to reach families that are struggling to provide Christmas this year. The response to help the needy has been overwhelming. The lastest changes in the economy has left family with the ability to provide gifts and toys for their children. Many are without food to feed their families. Help us with your gifts of love and compassion. Please read the item below and share these ideal with your community and church body.

Goals for Thankgiving and Christmas 20010

We need 3600 boxes of food for Christmas for 5 at risk communities.
Below are the selected sight for 2008, these are our low income and at risk communities

(Mission Distribution Centers)

The Church of Nazarene, Old Towne Purple Ark Mission Center Placentia, CA
Grace Community Church, Purple Ark Mission Partner Placentia CA
Clearview Worship Center Purple Ark Mission Partner, Pomona, CA
Calvary Point Community Church Purple Ark Mission Partner, Santa Ana, CA
War Ax Ministries Purple Ark Mission Partner, South Park of Los Angeles, CA
Craig Regional Park, Purple Ark Mission Partner, Fullerton, CA

Examples for Thanksgiving and Christmas:
This is a list of examples for Thanksgiving and Christmas support. Please consider supporting Purple Ark during the holidays as we reach out to the working poor and homeless community. We invite the small groups from each church to be creative in its support to the mission effort. Each church community is unique and is expected to collectively organize the volunteer support that they need.

(FHA) Fill His Ark Virtual Food Drive
FHA Virtual Food Drive is a web based drive setup to gather information, resources and food that would benefit low income (working poor) and homelessness. If anyone has direct contact with a food source or have information to that would help Purple Ark acquire food, please email or call us today at mailto:dan@purpleark.orgor telephone us at 714 924-5778 To find out more information about Purple Ark Relief Team (PART) Teams and Fill His Ark(FHA) please check our events at

Food Donations
Individuals can bring food items to a Purple Ark Mission Center at 606 Longfellow drive, Placentia California. Please place all donation in 5 x 5 large container label Fill His Ark. Please list your donation with an address and leave it in resident mail box at this address. We will mail you a receipt for tax purposes.

Food Drive Objective
Food drives play an important role in Purple Ark's mission to alleviate hunger in Orange County. Businesses, youth groups, service organizations, theater and arts groups, places of worship, neighborhood groups, and groups of friends and families can conduct successful food drives to benefit people at risk of hunger.
Tips for a Successful Food Drive - Planning Ahead:
• Get other people, particularly senior management, administrators, organization officers, teachers, friends and/or neighbors committed to the drive.
• Choose a theme or name for your drive (for example: "Tons of Tuna," "Oodles of Noodles," ).
• Set a goal for how many pounds of food, how many cans or the dollar amount you will collect.

Promote the Drive ( suggestion):
• Schedule a fun kick-off event.
• Educate your group about the issue of hunger.
• Decorate a container labeled Fill His Ark or print the online template at www. to hold donated food.
• Place posters and flyers in highly visible places.
• Distribute memos or send letters to parents, neighbors, area businesses, etc.
• Include flyers with employee paychecks.
• Set up a collection schedule to collect certain types of food on specific days or during designated weeks.
• Provide each person with a bag to fill with food.
• Issue reminders throughout the drive.

Make it Fun:
• Encourage friendly competition between departments, offices, classes, etc.
• Challenge a rival company or school.
• Conduct a raffle for prizes.
• Offer Incentives such as stickers, pins and office dress-down days.
• Reward groups and individuals who collect the most food.

Thank the Participants:
• Certificates of appreciation.
• Thank you cards or letters.
• Throw a party to celebrate your successful food drive.

What to Donate
(FHA) Fill His Ark (Please call to arrange pickup by the Purple Bus (God's Ark) or volunteer vehicle.
Suggested Food items of 2 (two).

• 2-100% Fruit Juice (cans / bottles / boxes)
• 2-Powdered Milk
• 2-Canned Vegetables & Fruit
• 2-Rice / Dry & Canned Beans
• 2-Chunky Soups & Beef Stew
• 2-Spaghetti & Sauce
• 2-Macaroni & Cheese
• 2-"Sugar Free," "Low Sodium," & "No Salt" items
• 2-Peanut Butter
• 2-Tuna & Other Canned Meat

We need Personal Care and Hygiene Kits
• Shampoo, Toothpaste, and Toothbrushes
• Diapers, Detergent, and Deodorant
• Shaving Cream, Razors, and Hairbrushes
Delivering the Food to Purple Ark Mission Centers
Because Purple Ark relies on volunteer labor, we consider delivery of the collected food to a Purple Ark Mission Center as part of your donation.
Each of our Purple Ark Mission Center will open at the schedule times located at deliveries Monday through Friday each group or individual must contact the location listed on the website. Each location will have a map link to location. Example: Click here for directions and hours. Please call to make delivery arrangements before you come.
Thank you in advance for your time, energy and creativity. As a result of your leadership and interest, you have helped many people in need.